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Surface Tension

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Author Comments

This flash took about a week to complete. There were many beginners in this collab, and since they joined this collab their skills at animating have improved. Enjoy! -icycomputer

People who were in this flash:
1. icycomputer
2. houndini6 (.kasa)
3. ZombieLincoln
4. Nzxer
5. -snare-
6. Infected_Flash
8. Appleberry

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What the hell!

Good music, but wht the hell is it? Just a load of random sticks, it makes poop look good!


It's a nice collaboration! Great micture of different ideas/graphics/styles. Great choices of audio as well. Everything is welldrawn and flows together smoothly, I like the concepts. Keep up the good work!


Nice job d00ds

I liked that a lot, especially when all of the dots were trying to kill each other, very slick, and unique. I bet there was a lot of tweening involved as well. Once again great job peoples!!!!!!111111111111shift !111!!!111!11

nice one

that was a very nice collab. nice graphics, good audio, offered some sweet entertainment and everybody's work on this one was very nice.... made this one enjoyable.
good work to everyone who helped create this one.


That was A very very nice animation. Keep up the good work XD
I loved it.

- CjienX -
- XneijC -