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Battle of The Nile(EDU)

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Doubld Edit! Gold Edtion Coming soon!
YAY! It got past judgement! I'm happy right now. ^_^.
Alright. Now this was for an English project that I had to do in about an hour or so. This is the finsihed product, it's not great, but, meh. It's supposed to resemble an cheesy old edu. film with a sort of twist. No voices were needed for it, there's of course text. Ok, please go easy on me...>.<....
Wow! I've gotten some awsome feedback. I'd like to take the chance to thank you folks. It's been a ride!
**FLASH NO. 3**



Hey starfox!
You rule and stuff!

Good Job

u did well , i liked the old movie like appearance it had. all in all it was done nicely. couldve been longer with more info about history for that A++


Starfox221 responds:

Thanks for the comment. Indeed it could've been longer but for the reason it was due in an hour, I was in a rush. :D, I'll keep it in mind for future flashes.

Nicely done

Good flash, and hey I learned something too thats always cool. Good work and dont listen to the assholes that say this sucks

Starfox221 responds:

*sniff* Thanks Man! I really do appreciate it.

Don't listen to the fella that reviewed before me

this was good, i enjoyed it. You could have added voices and parhaps made some of the graphics better, but now that i know slightly more about past events i'm rather happy ;)

Starfox221 responds:

Oh, thank you, that means the world to me. I really need this to pass judgement, and I hope it does!


Hey it was funny I admit but seriously, it was a steaming pile of dog c**p. First of all the idea was bad and the presentation was worse. I don't think a lot of ppl would want to watch or listen to and about the Battle of the Nile, me included. I hope it gets blammed.

Starfox221 responds:

If you had only an hour to prepare an English Project on the Battle of The Nile, what would you do?

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Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2005
5:11 AM EDT
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