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Speed Demons : ComiXodeZ

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This is the easter egg version of Speed Demons. There are 13 easter eggs for you to find (2 of which are going to be the hardest to find ever...). Anyways, this movie is just about Sonic stealing an emerald from Shadow and Shadow chasing him through the jungles. This movie is going 50 fps (so easter eggs will really be hard to find...lol). This is just a quickie, it ends abrubtly because where they go is another area for the next go in the series. I hope you like this. Enjoy and join my forums for whoever is first to find all 13 easter eggs will b e able to get a sneak peek into my next movie Pipe Fighter. Go to Comixodez.com and don't forget to "Go Laugh Yourself"

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That was truly amazing.

5 years

its been a whiles since i've seen this & i can tell you that the part where they both go super speed makes me lauge as much now as it did 5 years ago


that went from slow to EXTEMLY MOTHER F******FAST!! nice work


Very nice with the high speed! But next time try to use some Shadow voice clips for the poor black hedgehog we all love. Other than that it was great.

Great but.....

Shadow will never hang out wit cute little animals jumping around him. He would look like a gayfuc***! He would have torture them bcuz thats how he is! But still, it was a great flash but really confusing.
P.S- The Green jungle theme from Sonic Adventure 2 really came great with......the jungle, Duh!

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4.17 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2005
2:04 PM EDT