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pretty cool drawings and decent animation, but the story was kind of slow going, and it's annoying to have to click through each and every text box, if its a game that's one thing, but if it's a flash movie, you should just be able to sit back and watch it without having to constantly click through, also the size was kinda small.

crap movie

u cant make a flash with good graphics and thats it u gotta have storyline and speech

Graphics don't maketh the movie

Okay you had amazing graphics, mindblowing for an early submission, but you acn't just use good graphics and make a ahit movie with it and expect it to do well, the story sucked, you started out be offending goths, then you had some aliens randomly kill people then they went dancing, erm wtf? Wheres the story to that? That was just completely pointless.

I don't care much for goths.

I was kinda hoping this movie would antagonize goths.

Nice little movie,

THe thing is I think you tryed hard,but no one knows how much work you might've put in the backdrop,what the hells with the ending?that wasn't horrible at all! of course that's the joke but why would goth boy be lamenting? needs a better toon to catch the jokes, the nightclub should be a smaller joke too.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2000
1:25 AM EDT