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HostageHunters - Gold

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Hostage Hunters – Gold Edition –
I decided to update this game as it only just missed the mark last time so I’m giving it one more shot, and I had already gotten a fair way through the second level, of which is just a bonus, it isn’t supposed to be as structured as the first, but I hope just as fun.
Updates – “Mallet”, (what I call my reticle) – Has been reduced in size.
Caps Lock may now be on to use the duck and pause buttons.
Shotgun has its own sound – “heh”.
Shop quit button easier to see
A bonus shootout level added – Increasing file size to minimal extent.
Preloader now working, - Why the bar is static, I have no idea
A few little things you didn’t and won’t notice.

As for the music, yes I know, it gets a bit annoying, I’ve never noticed but you have voted as such, however as far as loops go, there are few that don’t… and most much more so. The first song chosen, because it sounds like an old train on the tracks. The next and the third, meh, I can’t justify them much, bag them if you will, but the “train” track is solid, the “train” track is golden. …. Yes the pun I realized as I was writing that.

I update this game for a second reason, because I am giving the FPS games up, at least for a while, I’m coding a new engine, once again from scratch, yay me, and as such will be busy busy busy for some time.

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Yay 9/10

Better than the last review because now it has a shotgun sound. I'm guessing though It had nothing to do with my say cause this is, oh... 3 years old. But anyways I'm glad it did. Awsome game loved UZI!

the same that he sayed the reticle its to bad!

and i cant kill the ******* plane!!!

the aiming system sucks!

I'v never seen any game with such a bad aiming system! I shoot exactly at the tzarget and it doesn't hurts, WTF?!!!!!!!

okay game.

you have a good idea BUT its slow. what i mean by that is like when your shooting the recitle spins then you here the sound anf it hard as hell to get those little retarded looking fuckers cuz of how slow it shoots. and if you have a quick clicking finger like me your gonna get killed alot cuz the recitle gets stuck until the sound is over. so i suggest you fix it and like sieg_jackel said rewrite or just fix your code then post it here.
trust me fix and it'll be a game with alot more fans.

good game

but good use a little improvements

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2005
3:07 AM EDT