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this is part one of a series about a man who wakes up at a train station and realises that his whole world has changed. The people who he use to live with and across the world have changed because of a virus that has spread


((( I LOVE IT )))

This was very good, kinda reminds me of a flash series i did called vortex very simular story, but it was neat and i loved the story most of all, which is why i gave you all 10,s, anyways nice work keep it going...

Just make more episodes you really have something with this one...

A great story, keeps you interested, nice job...


not bad

it was a cool movie, a bit long, but it was a good one.

Not bad...

It wasn't bad, i like the text, yeah, the text is great.. uhh.. graphics, well what can i say? ALOT Better then i've seen in like the last 4 movies... The music was good but you gotta have sounds not just music, you know what i mean? Ok great, Oh yeah and that scream was hilarious that got you the Humor, hehe... And, uh yeah Looking forward to the next one!

jamesthebumtickler responds:

thanks so muh for the score ill try on the next one not to just have music

Ok that was ok

ok that was pretty good in a way, needs to have sound, not just music, umm the Graphics where ok but if you just started making flashes i think thats good, umm, font was cool =P, music sounded cool, this reminds me of RE in a way but meh. umm yea sorry if it sounded harsh but those are the things to work on, we all start some where i guess =P good luck on your other flashes keep trying

jamesthebumtickler responds:

thanks for the score and the constructive critisms ill give u 10 for the review cause atleast u gave me something to work on the rest of these bellends just seem to give me 0 and not explain y well sorry i spoke for ages thanks


that was crap. except for the fonts. i liked those, but that's about it...

jamesthebumtickler responds:


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2.48 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2005
1:16 PM EDT
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