Bird and Worm 2

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this is a short movie about a bird and worm i decided to do whilst i was bored. I decided to look through the criticisms you lot gave me in the past and decided to go back and fix them and here it is enjoy.



I reviwed your last bird+worm and it was horrable but this one was good i like the B+W your words were readable even if one of them was gramaticly incorrect. the worms outfit was better quality. but it needs plot and to be longer

jamesthebumtickler responds:

kk thanks

Pretty good 10 sec with good music.

Nothing else besides an intro, a bird attacks, misses, turns around, worm in a cliche kick ass/bad boy outfit w/ uxi x2, the worm shoots the bird down. so in short, needs to be longer.

jamesthebumtickler responds:

thank you

It was okay

Better than most of the crap that is put up to get blammed. At least this one had a story with an ending. Like the style but come on, my little bro can animate better than that.,

jamesthebumtickler responds:


Kinda weak

Though the Animation is not as nice as some other flash artists i found it alright. Not the biggest fan of the white stripes but that doesnt really matter. The music could have connected with the animation a little better. Not bad, Not Good.

jamesthebumtickler responds:

thank you i think

This is nothing more than interesting crap.

It was interesting,,, but it was still shit.

jamesthebumtickler responds:


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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2005
9:30 PM EDT
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