Miss.Dynamite I to V

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Those are Miss.Dynamite's Interactive Comic episodes I, II, III, IV and V (I hope you know how to read roman numerals).
Those episodes used to be only available on www.missdynamite.com. They are now on Newgrounds. Miss.Dynamite VII will here soon.

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Nice progress

So this was some nice progress I like the progress of this and shows how it all started or generated from but the art style is as always great and this was a cool idea this is a film that I find doesn't really need any changes because it's it's own style anyways nice submission

No changes to be made on a classic


It was weird how the first two bits were just comics. Still, they weren't bad. It wasn't until the fifth part that we really got good. It was cool to see them get longer. I mean, they really did get more complicated. You have a lot of comics.

You'd think those would be enough for new episodes. This was still fun, especially with the drugs. You were going to use them anyway. I thought there wasn't sound at first. You'd think this would be an origin story.

So this is how this madness all first started. :) Really evolved quickly in the first few episodes too! Though sounds do shine with their lack of presence.


Comics are comics, toons are toons.

Fuck the negative reviews, mangas are quiet and you have to imagine the sound.

cant even make any decisions. Good idea though. make it more interactive.