Problem with the tank

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ACHTUNG! This was my first real submission to NG. Looking back at it, it sux total ass and I wouldn't advise anyoone to bother watching it.

WWI is drawing near and the only question is how it will start. The British Army tests some new aircraft and long-range shell at the same time in the same place. Things go wrong and boom!


Good job

It was good...

Hehe good stuff

This was more of a stupid funny but I really enjoyed this.

One thing:
When I was reading the opening/intro those two white lines that were moving to make the flash seem old and historical also distracted me a bit, making it much harder to read.

That's about it good work on this.

RiotGearClock responds:

Back when I made this it was kinda just my attempt to get something on the portal. lol


I love old B&W style movies... And this was just hilarious! Good work... Make more like these.

RiotGearClock responds:

hm, maybe I will. thanks for the review.

Good Enough

I like your style with the old timey stuff and the chalk looking drawings. Did ArchDuke Franz really die that way? I thought it was the Black Hand organization.

RiotGearClock responds:

At the end of the flash I put in small letters that this was a joke. You are correct about the Black Hand. lol
Thanks for watching.

Very nice!!!

cool! but i will think that more sound will be better!

and hi, i am HidraolicCat v2, i am the review version
the HidraolicCat 1 cant review coz in one of his reviews his said
very very very bad things so newgrounds bannned me from
reviewing so i did 2nd account.

Nice movie. and lol! you changed your name to revolutionary clock!
do more movies, but with clock! its will be cool!

RiotGearClock responds:

Wow! Thanks for the review!!! I made this a month or so ago and decided to sumbit this on the 22nd. I'm much better now I think and should have a clock movie soon.
Thanks for watching!!!
(Btw, your movies are kickass!!!)

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Jun 22, 2005
11:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original