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Halo 2 Leeroy Jenkins

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A loose cannon disrupts his teams game on xbox live in a game of good ol' Halo 2.
All Reviews good or bad appreciated.
This is a remake of a World Of War Craft Video I saw and found funny.

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Voice acting was alright and the idea was pretty funny having three halo soldiers just chillin in the beginning. I would of liked to see more movement from each of them though and the addition to the audio symbol in the beginning was pretty funny too as if it was in the game.


nothing happens it is TERRIBLE

not very good

No. the voices werent very good and the leeroy jenkins shout wasnt very authentic at all. he says "hhmmm" bf jenkins like hes breathing so its
hhhhLLLEERRROOOYYYY HHMMMMJJJEEENNKKKKIINNNSSSSS!!! kinda fades in2 jenkins from "mmm"....

oh my gord

this is not funny and not even an animation...just sound and its annoying sorry champ.


it wass funny go leroy