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AOTO ep. 1A

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if you dont like it give me a review telling me what you would like changed

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that's it??

A few things

I think that the setup and story so far is genius. However, the drawings of people looked a little rigid and with no curves. That really annoyed me thruout the whole thing. The city looked like a bunch of squares that were lined up in some sort of order with a sidewalk. There were no streetlights, signs, or people walking around. Lastly, your switching from brush to line all the time messed with the whole thing. Like you couldn't decide what to use. I suggest sticking to one or the other from now on. Oh, and that whole thing where the song pops out of nowhere when the guy is being blasted to death was out of place and took the mood away. It made the guy's death need less climactic and it went to other scenes where it was also out of place.


damn doss, u did it agin, hit me up when u want me to do the voice over... peace


Why must you tease us so?

Overall, really pretty good. Although, in the beginning scene, if the guy just had some sort of nose... Or at least a more distinct one if he's got one already. It's just... Unsettling. I await the second installment with anticipation, please get it ready soon. Of course, not if it would mean infringment on the quality.

DossMan01 responds:


sorry about that.
i didnt really think how I drew his nose would bother anyone.

and thank you for your review.


Well it's pretty random..I mean a cave in a park it seems. And some of the drawings are all squared add some voices then it should be better. Nice try though.

DossMan01 responds:

no no no no no

the cave and the city are two completely different locations.
i'm sorry if I didnt make that clear.