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Hello there Newgroundites!

Today I am proud to present to you a truly wondrous movie, one which has been worked on, and is quite frankly a barrel of laughs. CommunistLock, myself, and other people have chipped in to make this epic masterpiece viewable for you.


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I liked it, it was funny. It wasn't bad, wven though it was confusing. envy_ious. Your stupid go die. Thats the same song off Lilium, except they didn't cut it and half and play the half twice. It wasn't a remake it was a parody making fun of Lilium, your stupid, die.


Okay, where the hell did you get that music? And was this suppossed to be a Lillium remake? Because that just plain out right sucked! I mean I like the lock crew but this was just f****** up!

I Don't Think Any of You Got the Point...

Read the title, then replace "Will" with "Lil".

Get it? This is a satire on a popular Flash cartoon that was made some weeks ago called "Lilium". It's animated like a parody of that, such as with the black scribbly border and the exact same background music.

It seems the CommunistLock has a bit of an opinion about the Goth "schlub-culture" (a subculture composed of shallow ideas and behaviour), and chooses to parodize it. This manages to pull it off more successfully than any of the other parody collections (such as the feculent LaBlueGirl Collection) by looking more like what its trying to satirize instead of describing it in the author's comments, which nobody reads anyway.

I liked "Lilium", personally, but I agree with his stance on the Goth "schlub-culture". People defining themselves by a thin dogma like this truly annoys me, and whats even more annoying is that they're trying to create depth with it by playing sad music and writing bad poetry. Never mind using Gothicness to try and get a better understanding and expression of yourself, it's easier to just suck up attention by wear black and not get any sun. Booga booga.

I usually like Clock Crew's stuff, what happened

What happened here, did u somke some bad pot before making this or what. POT IS BAD FOR U. MY CHEM TEACHER IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF Y NOT TO DO POT! once ur not high anymore, try again.

no words can describe how pitiful this is.

seriously. william shatner, though? why him? yeah, hes cool and all, but william shatner? god, you are retarded. oh yeah, your name might be offensive to some people[e.g; vietnam veterans, japanese WWII veterans who were held in korea, etc.]