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huh..... sure am having "FUN"

okay you can draw... thats about the only interesting part. oh "the teeth job". i wanted a litle movement perhaps. okay in one word.BORING!


I don't get it. What exactly is the movie supposed to be about?

((( DECENT )))

This was ok, but i would suggest make the "VIEW SCREEN" smaller so it wont lag as much, nice work though on full body characracters and decent voices, it was good, the backrounds could use abit of more detail but overall it was good...



i helped protect this thing when it first came through the portal. i saved it to my comp when it was still under jusdgment just so i can have it if it got blammed. then i used audacity (the audio editing program) to record the audio from the flash, so i could put it on my iPod and listen to it whenever i want. i have a playlist where it repeats 14 times. i absolutely love the dialog. i lmfao whenever i hear "and uh, thats what i will do." i think ive memorized the entire thing. sometimes ill go over to a friend and start feeding out the whispering guys lines. a few chuckle cuz ive shown them, and the others dont know what im talking about.

put simply, i love it and would like to help you make ur next flash. (ive got great scores for 75% of my flash)


rockwell.industries@gmail. com (no space on my email, its just that Newgrounds wont let me post .com)

Astounding flash btw.

im not paying for the guys teeth

The movie was pretty funny!
Try different camera techniques. Like, make closeups so that the movie doesn't get too bland. The dialogue is good, but visually, it needs a camera angle.
Anyways, the movie was funny.
Good luck in your next flash!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 21, 2005
4:28 PM EDT
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