dead bounty short

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a short I made to celebrate my birthday which is today.
The plot is this crazy android has a bounty on him and is being chased by this chemical giant. Now that the giant has him cornered the android has no choice but to prove why he has the bounty on him.


((( NEAT )))

You are right about it being short and all, the "LIGHT SABRES" Reminded me of Starwars hehe, anyways as for the "CONTENT" well it was just very short and could have been much better with more "STORY" and more "SCENES" as it was good and showed some effort could be more then just a short....



The music was excellent. Graphics were good and you did a nice job with animating the graphics and showing different perspectives. But I didn't understand who won the battle between that robot and giant dude... nice movie though.

DossMan01 responds:

the robot thing one

doss is cool

awesome doss...keep kickin ass with this shit


that was pretty good, wish you had drawn out the fight scene instead of just a stab and an explosion but good none the less.. keep practicing

DossMan01 responds:

I can animate pretty good.

it's just I made this for my birthday and I didnt spend alot of time on it.
check out my other cartoons. they are Much better than this one.

you guys are fags

Man you have your fuckin friend review your movie what a homo! You remember me fuck face? You was talkin shit bout my stuff. I can't believe that you had to get that guy that helped you make a flash review your shit. DAMN. Ok but onto the review. I did like this one. You have improved a lot since the walkin dude. I haven't even touched flash since like 5 months ago. I gave this one a 4/5. good job on this one. Please respond.

DossMan01 responds:

no not really.. if you looked at all his reviews he's written on my cartoons he's pretty straight forward and isnt as nice as he was with this one. No shit I'm serious you check it out for yourself.
but thanks for the review.

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2.37 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2005
2:52 PM EDT
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