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Mega Man VS. Jiggly Puff

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*Update again* Well, after many mixed reviews, I've decided I will be making another sometime in the near future.

P.S. adonn78, you're an idiot. I didn't try to use their real sounds, or I would have. (get bent.)

*Update* I realize that the ending was abrupt (Mega Man won, for those of you who couldn't tell.) I also realize the JigglyPuff sprites are a lot like Kirby. Those are just the sprites I've found.
And thanks for the good comments already. By the way, if I saw JigglyPuff in an alley, I qwould blast the bastard away. But, on something with meaning, the cut in half jigglypuff, that's supposed to be my half-assed teleport for it.

This is basically my first video. I've done some crap in the past, but I've started up flash again, and hope to be able to bring better movies from now on. I hope you like it, and enjoy.

By the way, refrain from telling me it sucks if you think it does, just tell me what I could improve on.



First off, Jigglypuff would SO PWN Megman's ass. Secondly, since when can someone go from not being able to move, to sending a super powered laser ball at someting? And, why the f- did Jigglypuff gather up energy? She should have grown like she does in the show.

Yet another sprite flick..

You had it going on there.. With mega man as the good guy, but what was with the fluffball gathering energy like that? I loved the look on the thing's face when MM shot a beam out of Jiggly's ass.. that was cool.. you could do better. Try again.

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Random idea, bad music, okay fighting...

Well, the top pretty much says it all...
What happened at the end?

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The ending was not cool. It was over way to fast there, try building up to a climax. Also I personally hate both characters so it would be cooler If you had them kill eachother. Ovearll I give this a 2/10 because the animation was bad, there was no voice acting, It was between two cartoon characters for 2-year-olds and retards, and what little action there was wasn't interesting because there was no climax, it was short, and poorly animated.

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2.25 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2005
2:20 PM EDT
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