Metal Battlefield 2

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JOIN THE SPRITE CREW AIM ME AT : hypergoatmonkey or email papermario22004@yahoo.co
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please, do us a favor.

Stick to the Ackbar stuff.


Ok, first off, good try. Still not good enough though. The "Commandos" are WAY to strong to be human, and wtf is with them exploding when they die?
The "Robots" are weaker then a single kind of human, "Commandos", and the guns? Don't even get me started on those.
The "Humans", totally weak with impossibly HORRIBLE aim. Really, WHO MISSES WITH A SUPER ACCURRATE MUSKET RIFLE AT POINT BLANK RANGE?!?!?!
So called "Special Agent Marco", Whos side is he on anyway? He kills his own kind, just to get the "Virus" which probably doesn't even exist, making the killing all of the humans worthless.
This "New Unknown Enemy" at the end of the movie, WTF is with that?!?!? WHERE THE HELL DID THEY COME FROM?!?!?! THERE IS NO REASON FOR THEM TO BE THERE!!!!! I mean come on now, as far as the storyline goes (which has been reused to a point where it's just totally unoriginal no matter how you go about telling the story) it's just a war between man & machine, no virus going about that should make that happen. Abd they dont just reappear of their own free will, that's just some ol' bulls#%!. So yeah, fix up the storyline alittle plz, thanks.

I thought

there was skilled flash artists in the sprite crew.but I saw a dozen of films made by their members and I am decieved.the intro screen was lame,the script sucked, I mean, WTF is that story about a bunch of Robots(you HAD to take Zero?) controlled by some dude and attack humans. No goddamn music, no good effects, it seems like you used your GIFS,putted them here and make them repeat their animation over and over again even when it wasn't necessary. a bunch of nameless characters that fights for no purpose, the guns you gave to the Zeroes are badly made and you could:or used a proprer gun sprite or let the Zero buster like it is.
once, you used a dashing Zero GIF, and I was very ashamed to see that it wasn'T even made from the same spritesheet of the other Zeroes

the good points: it wasn't JPEG(thanks God) the animation,though a bit too fast, didn't sucked, but I am sorry, this is all I can say about what was good.Next time you all,from sprite crew, plan on making a movie, put work to it.no matter how long it is, the longer you work the better it'll be. So please, so don't act like the lazy n00b type

some improvements

the wrist guns were an improvement. but they looked so-so. a little work on the detail on them would be better. and also, this one seemed kinda shorter than the last one. oh well, it was pretty good.

ya the best thing ever

i had to watch 50000 times it was so good

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3.00 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2005
7:24 PM EDT
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