The Battlefield by Me

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HAHA....I was looking trough my folder on the computer today...and I found this...This movie is my first "animation" ever...you maybe won't belive this, but I actually made this in PAINT! xD
I remember I drew over 800 pictures, then imported everything into Pinnacle DV studios, and directed it there...added sounds etc.
The file size was enormous... over 250MB! but after importing it to flash, cutting away some text at the beginning and cutting away all the credits I got the file size down to about 5MB(just the limit!)...About the quality....it isn't that great, actually, kinda bad...and some of you guy's are maybe like: OMG! PAINT! and don't want to even see it cus you think it will suck....well It's maybe paint, but I have to say that I, myself, think it's pretty good to be paint xD
hope you guy's enjoy this... lol
The inspiration was Ringfinger... Sorry that I used the name "The Battlefield" that I think is copyrighted by ringfinger....but i was young and dumb....so plz don't sue me :\ full credits to ringfinger for the inspiration...


pretty damn good!

that was a cool animation, it lasted a while it had blood and violence, it had some small gags. the only downside was the graphix are poor... but all in all, i liked it!

Pretty Good

Haha, not bad for something in paint.I liked it. You should redo something like this with better graphics though.


its ok for a first flash i guess am the garaphics sucked ass though

hahahahaha funny

man i love guns and counterstrike

Fucking brilliant

This is MUCH better than many other Stick films i have seen, the graphics let it down a bit though
i'm sad this didn't get more recognition :'(

very well done!

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2.38 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2005
1:06 PM EDT
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