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Final Flash: Buttons

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UPDATE: I have seen alot of reviews about the scripts not working. This tutorial was made when Flash MX was the current flash, so all codes apply to it, and may not work aswell with newer versions (Such as 8 or CS3).

UPDATE: I have added alot of new features that look alot more attractive. I am NOT UPDATEING this version to fix any mistakes, because i no longer have the .FLA

NOTE: This is a improved version of my previous button tutorial, I have also decided to change the name from Thrax Tutorials to Final Flash tutorials. There is alot of updated stuff in this tutorial compared to my previous one. This tutorial is also targeted to new flash authors. Also stay on the last screen for a few seconds to see my message :P


Pretty good!

This was explained well, and I'm sure the code works for the version of flash the tutorial was made for. But if you are using a newer version of flash (8 or CS3) then you don't need "_root." before "gotoandplay(FRAMENUMBER);

So for those 8 and CS3 users, this is the code you need:

on(release) {gotoandplay(FRAME NUMBER HERE);

Hope that helps clear things up!


fucking button shit dosent work at all

Cooool Tutorial...

well it helped me alot and you didn't do a confusing a** tutorial!!!
you got straight to the point!!! THANX!!! Oh I loved the music!!!!

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Good tutorial

To mushking:
You have to select it, and right-click>Copy

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it wouldnt paste!

it wouldnt paste!

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Jun 17, 2005
2:50 AM EDT
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