Galactic Conflict

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update: (6/17/05)
Thank you everyone for the award, I've desired one since I signed up for Grounds Gold over 2 years ago. I fixed the invincibility bug by restricting the ship from flying on the top of the screen.
I present to you a unique space shooter. Not like other space shooters where enemies simply "turn red", but you and your enemies will thrash around when struck by a laser, bomb, or bullet.

Controls: movement: ASDW or arrow keys (depending on your preference)
to shoot: spacebar
to use specials: press 1,2, or 3.

Avoid getting hit by the enemies lasers! You start out with very weak shields, and you will be able to upgrade them when you reach the station. Each wave is longer exponentially longer than the last, and as you progress, stronger enemies appear!

Mega Lasers: These are fun to use at the same time as regular lasers, but they are much stronger. They will send an enemy spinning until it explodes or becomes severely wounded.

Uber Bombs: My favorite special! Release one of these missiles and they will choose an enemy to follow. It will follow this enemy until it reaches it, thrashing it through space, no enemy can survive the blow of an uber bomb.

Super Bullets: Shoot nineteen of these at a time, they will spread through space and hit many enemies. These are very strong.

See how long you can last before your ship is defeated!

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Pretty Good


Pretty good graphics, good style, some pretty audio/sound effects, and lots of interactivity.


The sound effects, while pretty good, kind of hurt my ears after a while (the sound of the weapon going off).


move on a little from the old starship games

been there done that.

Ohh Space Battle

I love Space battles. I must admitt they are so cool. Though i find the game pretty hard it was very good. The upgrades gave it variety also. Good job keep it up.

I got a killer strategy!

All I do is go into a corner and kep shooting nonstop. When an enemy flies towards me to attack, they are caught in my line of fire and are so busy thrashing around because of frequenty damage that they can't get a shot in. This sounds foolproof, but those pesky buggers always use kamikaze runs to kill me. The farthest I've made it is wave 5. Hmmmm....maybe I should get better strategy.

Was fun, some bugs

This game was tough to get started, but once yer powerful it's easier (and more fun). I had a problem with a bug where my main weapon wouldn't fire. It started when I fired a missle and it just sat still, then disapeared. It happened a second time when I was spamming special weapons, so I couldnt tell if it was the missle again. The 3rd special was cool-looking, but not really useful... it's too much of a liability not to be able to shoot for a couple seconds.

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4.01 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2005
1:50 AM EDT
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