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*** Update*** 07/05/05
The rest of the spawning bugs should be gone now. You can change antialiasing quality by pressing Q, and an acid bath related bug was fixed as well. I gave one final push and I think everything's flushed out. Please send me an email (negativeone@newgrounds.
com) if you run into any more.

*** Update*** 06/21/05
I fixed the infamous level 1 boss bug. If anyone runs into it again, let me know, though I think it's gone altogether. Also fixed the faulty platform positioning in level 2, and a seldom-mentioned music bug.

*** Update*** 06/17/05 Thanks for all the feedback thus far. NegativeOne will be addressing some of the bugs you guys have run into, so do continue bringing it up as you encounter them. Your feedback is essential, thanks again.
Well what turned out to be a short quick little game ended up being almost half a years' worth of work.

I've always been interested in getting into the flash game scene, I just never had the right supporting cast. This is the first stab at it and with the actionscript powers of NegativeOne, I think this game meets my expetations.

I'm pretty pleased with it. It's not the most elaborate game, but I hope you get some form of entertainment out of it. Thanks to everyone for helping out with beta testing, the people responsible for the music, and the rest of you.. You know who you are. Ok, go play.

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If you say this is awful and people should stop playing it, I'm very sorry, but I liked this game a lot growing up and it's really cool to find the original upload. The style is great, even if the controls aren't, and that's enough for a nostalgia trip.

I like this game, but the gameplay sucks.

Luis responds:

This game is awful stop playing it!

Good graphics and story and concept!

But the controls are unbelievably bad. To the point where it ruins the entire game.

2 out of 5 stars!

Luis responds:

this game is awful, dont play it!

I remember playing this game as a kid. The graphics and music are both memorable, but the controls do suffer from a couple of odd choices. The jumping is the biggest offender, where there is a half-second delay before each jump and the awkward glide trajectory in midair result in unfair deaths in Stages 2&3.

I play this when nostalgia hits hard. And that happens a lot to me.

Luis responds:

This is an awful game. Pls don’t play it. I hate it so much.

the control scheme sucked and the enemies don't give much challenge...not one of the worse platformers I played however