Dousuru Hassuru?

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Author Comments

The sign the dog is holding says "Always think ahead", like in the CM.
Oh this is going to be hard to explain to people not living in japan, but I can say that this movie is like a parody of a japanese TV commercial.

If you go to this page you can watch it http://www.aiful.co.jp/f
/cm/PF60H010.html AIFUL is a company that lends people money with crazy high interest (like 30% or so) and basically what this CM tells people is that they should think ahead before they borrow money so that they won't get in trouble when it's time to pay back... The sign that the dog is carrying says something like "Always think ahead"... that's about it I think.

This movie is about that guy in the CM, but in this movie it seems he borrowed a little too much money, and of course the dog is there as always, only with a twist.
Now enjoy the movie!

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meccha omoroi

hahahahaha that was very funny. aiful is a bad company.
There are too many money lending companies here !

very funny !

otsukare sama (^^)

not bad

rather odd overall, but it was a good one. could've maybe been a little bit longer though too.

Not bad at all.

It wasnt great but it definitely was above the average. there were periods of good animation and obvioasuly some others that could use a little improvment. Better than average graphics for sure. Style was cool, from the intro to the feel to the movie all was good. The intor with the little doggy was kind of scary cuz i thot he died,....
The sound was good, i liked the sound effects and sum ofthe voice acting. The music was cool and some of it felt kinde of freaky.

Overall this has some good moments and others that maybe could be a little better. The final product was a good one. Keep getting better. 3/5


Well you have some nice animations, and you have good drawing skills, i did not make sense at first, but i read your discription, and understood what was going on. The characters are ok, and that dog was really cute with his eyes like that, i liked how he was ok in the end, it was good to watch...



that was hilarius in teh beginning and at the end!!! great job!
(question: what did the dog's sign say?)

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2005
1:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original