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Search 4 Sleep: Part 1

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VERSION 2 - With scripted camera improvements ;)
Well, this is the first offical flash movie I have tried on so I hope you enjoy it.
I did put time into making music and voice acting so please watch it all :).

This is just a short intro to what I hope will be a 3 part series.
I was itching to test new graphics tablet.

Smash Joehanson



it was ok

((( HAHA )))

That a funny story for a animation hehe, i liked how this guy goes nuts over someone not turning off the lights, i liked the part where is he on NG the most, and the ownage time text you had. The drawings are good, and i like how you animated the voices to their lips. The sound is also good, and it went nice with this, i hope the see the next part soon...



Okay this was good but please STOP THE WIND NOISE! also could of been a bit longer but im not complaining and give that dude some eyes. But keep up the good work!

Nice Average Flash

i thought this was a pritty funny and enjoyable flash, it was a bit short though which was the main down side. the part where the police officer screemed like a girl, that was well used :P i hope to see eposode 2 and alot more work from you

a quick laugh!

I do not agree w/ mr.animationguy at all.
I think the flash is definitely one that was made quickly, you can see that right away.
1st of all anyone who has the guts to sit in front of a screen for hours in order to present an entertainment already has a few points, even if the flash is 3 seconds long and shows "hi. .... bye"
Then, this author has brought alot more to just a 3 frame flash.
The voices were good, and I laughed my fucking ass off when I saw the office guy blamming a newgrounds entry.
I also enjoyed the mindsearch I had to try and remember where the intro music (that plays before u click play) was from. Battlefield!
The graphics weren't terrible, as I have seen in some works.
I don't entirely flow with the same style, like I didn't admire how the ninja guy was drawn and the phonecall scene and all, so I give a slight below-average for that.
Violence wasn't dwelled over. But it was a quick laugh that I enjoyed within 5 minutes, so it's definitely something to keep!
Good job!
Perhaps if you put in some more hours on your sequels you can make something that hits the top 50!

Smash-Joehanson responds:

Thanx for your review, I respect that you gave me a fair review and score even though you disliked some parts.
This was just an experiment but seeing as it's went down well, I will make a part 2 and put more effort into it :)

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2.86 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2005
3:34 PM EDT
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