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The Blam-oholic Story

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Some of you may relate to this character, if you do, welcome to my world, I've blammed/Saved 400 animations in just under a week...what? You actually thought i had a life? Pfft, what were YOU thinking? Anyway, watch and leave a review IF YOU DARE….OoooOOoooo….jeez it’s like I’m drunk or something

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I liked your other blamming animation better, but this was entertaining as well. Graphics could be improved, but the animation is smooth and the plot is great. Keep going!


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Haha, at first, I wasn't planning on watching this whole thing, because it wasn't that great at first, but I thought the ending was very witty, which is why I am giving this an 8 instead of a 5 or 6. Very funny how you decided to put Cowell in there as the blam-o-holic's equal.

^^Needs Improving^^
As I said, boring in the beginning. Also, could use some better graphics. The lip syncing doesn't line up at all in the beginning, and there is no shading whatsoever.

My name is Chico...and I'm a protect-o-holic

I'm allways looking for good things to protect...and its sad that I still end up having to blam so much more than gets protected....but I certinaly know the feeling of dreaming in flash....and waking up in the middle of the night just to see if something had come up to vote on.....Hurray for newgrounds addicts

---Blam-oholics everywhere!---

Loved the ending!!! I bet there's hundreds of thousands of Blam-oholics out there! That's because there seem to be just as many submissions on NG that deserve to be BLAMED! Yes, I said it!!! You know it's true!!!

Utterly-Moot responds:

it is! I'm looking at YOU "The_Star_Syndicate" lol

aww man this sux

i voted you a 4/5 and i lowed your score sorry!

Utterly-Moot responds:

lol, salright, as long as you enjoyed the animation

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2005
11:34 PM EDT

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