Cells II

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Don't put spaces in the highscores.
People, there's 3 game modes. Use the arrow keys to select your game.

Where is Cells 1? I never submitted it here, it's not worthy. Play it at my site.

Cells II: The long-awaited (from my forum members) sequal to my classic game Cells! Dividing germs, helpless blood cells, and aggresive blood cells all come together to addict you to another of my games.

Please press 'Q' to change the quality when many cells are on your screen at one time.

Thanks to Xelius for the highscore scripts.

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This game was pretty standard. I can't seem to even find the original "Cells" game. I was thinking the stringy thing was supposed to be a virus. In fact, I think that is in fact how viruses are supposed to look like. I still don't understand how to beat some levels. It's hard with how you don't have much control over the white blood cell.

In fact, I think the detail could have just been better overall. I guess this is kind of original for the website. I think the details aren't that good. I guess it wasn't intended to be that elaborate, but it should have been better drawn. Drawn, or whatever you do in web games.

this sucks it is basicly unplayable

everything jumps forward every 2 seconds so basicly i can do anything

Very laggy!

The game modes here arepretty interesting, however due to terrible lag Modes A nd C are virtually unplayable. I'm not sure why the game lags so much as the game isn't that graphically intensive. And unfortunately the only game mode left, Mode B is essentially a simplistic avoid game.

It's a shame, as Modes A and C showed some promise, and unlike what others have said, the controls weren't that hard to grasp.


didn't like it 4/10

I agree with milinko959

Very interesting and Educational but needs some improvement and the controls are unexplainable (horrible)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3.59 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2005
12:00 PM EDT
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