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Rikimaru Goes Shopping

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Rikimaru has been sent by his sensei on a mission for 8 cans of boddingtons. He has made his way to 'booze monster', a notorious gang hideout. A spy there will supply him with what he needs for his mission. How does his mission go? Find out!

And ok, a lot of people were complaining about not being able to see the text, so I fixed that! I FIXED IT, OK?!
Bloody hell.
Anyway, The movie quality isn't what I would have liked it to have been, but to keep it under the 5 meg limit Newgrounds have set, I had to compress it a cirtain amount. Sorry about that.
Rikimaru - Josh Bird
Camraman - Greg Ramsden
Editor - Me~ :3

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That was good

Now that was funny i love it when he kept glanceing around constantly that was funny great job this one's going into my top ten


You actually followed this guy into a liquor store and filmed this. I would have felt retarded! Makes me wanna do it. lol. You rock Kirol, you rock...


that was sweet i have always had the idea to do that but never did but i also liked how u got it on cam and put it up for us to view now that i have to idea of doin that all i need is a camcorder and i am good to go thnx and hope to c future submissions lolz vary funny by the way

Aw man, that was awesome.. XD

As soon as I saw the reflection in the window I could tell you were an English brother. :P
I was drinking coffee at the time.. and it went everywhere when I saw the chip 'n' pin bit. XD
You rule.

Not bad but...

You could have fixed the words...

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3.46 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2005
11:23 AM EDT