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Brother Battle

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Hey, this is my first flash I submitted to Newgrounds. It's definitely on the short side and has little to do with story. I did, however, try to make up for it with a bit of humor and two outtakes at the end.

Rest assured my Next sprite project will actually have a plot and story. But until then, watch this little short for kicks or maybe a laugh or two.


Nice made

For the first flash it has been very well done (that doesn't mean that i dont like ur flash)
Nice story but it was like the whole flash was in slow motion
It was funny too but the whole movie was to short,you have to extend it!

***Some things you should improve in your flash***

Make it go faster
Extend it



Your sprite work was very well done, this wasn't too short at all, and the bloopers were also funny. I would like to see another Brother Battle in the near future. For this being your first flash, the animation was a bit slow, but it worked out well. The background music could've been louder, but it's all still good.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Animation
*Great Story
*Great Sprite Work

|| Bad Points ||
*Sound Too Low

Really good.

For your first flash. It may be a little short, but the animation is very smooth for a first submission. I like the little suprise at the end.

- GS -

holy crap

I didnt think it would end like that

Not Bad

Well here goes, im in the mood to review so im gonna review every link i see and you get the honor of being first! I quite liked this, short and sweet, but you didnt offer an explanation as to why Mario and Luigi were fighting but nomatter.

Graphically its a sprite movie, hard to go wrong with these graphics wise unless your making your own sprite sheets lol, the animation wasnt half bad, seemed a little too slow at points but nevermind. The sound clips were good and fit well.
Overall i liked it, especially the scene with bowser crying at the end, major lol. ^_^

~Review Request Club~

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Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2005
2:40 AM EDT
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