Fast N' Fugly: Teh n00b

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(BEST VIEWED WITH INTERNET EXPLORER...unless Netscape doesn't fall out of sync for YOU.)

"Fast N' Fugly: Teh n00b" returns!New graphics, slightly longer (it's SUPPOSED to be short!!!), and now with backgrounds!

WARNING: Flash screwed up the audio sync, and the final scene may be off because of this. I fixed it best I could, but I can't figure out the reason it screws up.


Preach it brudda!

The only problem I have with this flash is that people rarely get the point behind them, no matter how blatanly it's put out there.

Though, in all fairness, I did try to get my second project to stay up for more than an hour with the use of scantily clad girls...

It was for valentine's day, so get off my back!

Aldran responds:

Scantily-clad women? I LOVE scantily-clad women! That's a 5 right there!

On subject, it's kinda random that I would check on this six months later and find a fresh review. Kinda confused that I get a "9" overall and a "0" for Humor, but the fact that you liked it is good enough for me. I need to get my comp back up and get working on Flash again...


yea well it was funny but ......yea


Try changing the sound to stream... that'll work..

Aldran responds:

It is on stream. It's just, for some reason, the audio in the last scene ("I got nothin'") doesn't line up in the published file, even though it does whenever I run it in Flash. Fortunately it was fixable (moved keyframe for audio up several frames), but I'd like to find a better way...probably just one audio file for the whole scene.

Thank you, though. Learning about the stream feature made using audio at all much easier!

You didn't get blammed!

I'm so happy for you! i hope you're not flash won't be as senseless or violently senseless as a lot of the flash i've seen here. and puting in random stuff is so cliche. it's been overused. it's been so overused everytime random surprise pops up at the end i'm not surprised anymore.

Aldran responds:

I'll do my best not to disappoint!

goos stuff

this was really good. like the other reviews said keep working on it, and from what i have read you have, so im looking forward to your next piece.

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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2005
2:00 AM EDT
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