Avoid 3

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-Avoid blocks and walls. Click red X to start. Collect points and energy by centering cursor on middle colored square. 0 energy = death.
-Challenge yourself to beat your highscore.
-Game gets more difficult as the initial pattern turns more chaotic and unpredictable.



my haigscore was of 626! rly rad 2 get there

5/5 10/10

pretty challengeing

its hard to do it my record is like almost 400 or something i forget already lol keep up good work

C360 responds:

Thank you. Try to get to level 9! Something will happen.

haha... one of those games...

where you think it is so easy..... yet it is so hard... and you play it for days trying too get a high score on it..... very nice =] ima be workin on this game now tryin too get an 800 score =]

C360 responds:

Nice, feels good to know someone is having a great time w/this game. Addictive!

Something happens if you get a really, really high score...not too much higher from 800. You can do it.

very much improved

after playing all 3 versions of your game, the gradual increase of diversity and tactic was appreciated. also having your pointer explode was a nifty graphic. addition of the level bar and color scheme changes were good.

C360 responds:

That's dude. I have a newer one that I never finished where the counters is sort of 3D, and the enemies have faces. The explosions in this version are random. Took a while to work on it, but worth the effort.

Thanks for the review.

Highscore = 608

Pretty good, the energy feature made the game even more challanging & fun. The sound was a welcome additon, and it seemed to just kinda run smoother than v1 and v2. Avoid 2 kinda seemed like the same game with a 2 slapped on it so them there new features are a good thing. I had alot of fun with this, so yeah 4/5. much <3

C360 responds:

Awesome, thanks!

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3.20 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2005
11:16 PM EDT
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