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An Every Day Hero

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Originally drawn out on paper by Keith Lea, this frame-by-frame animation was taken into flash, traced, coloured, and soundified! you can watch the original at the end, thats probably why the filesize is so big (since the original is an .avi)

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I love this movey :)

Rump me twice and call me bryn

nice job man. Crazy ass style. Keep "pump'n" them out!

Good job.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Hero flies over continents to get back to his job. Kicks alittle demonic/alien things ass, gets dressed for work while stroking his long, luxurious hippy hair. I'm not even upset that it was so short. Any hero that can fly has super strength, and may therefore kick some ass twice as fast. Score of 5 for you.

((( CUTE )))

Wow that was a cute little short frame by frame story about an every day hero, i like the animations, and how you drew your characters was really nice. The music was cute too, and seemed to go along with the animation really well, and the sound effects were great, good job...


cute! :)

i loved that short movie, thought its a pity it was so short :(. I was like hell yea this movie rocks and then... "the end"?!?!? noooooo... :).

ahh well good job anyways i hope you make more like this ^^.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2005
1:45 AM EDT

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