Megaman commands mission2

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Megaman commands a mission part 2, final part too.


lol nice animation i liked espically that part where signas said his weakpoint and megaman was asking what is his weakpoint and the part where that pink reploid put the supra force medal to where it can be found easily i thought she was going to suicide in the sea or something lol nice work roger!

part 2 is very funny

really.when i watch the betrayal of redips, x ask everytime why redips betrayed them... haha and "die die die die die" when he hear a maverick word haha... again 5r

Funny stuff.

This was a great part two that had a whole bunch of ridiculous yet funny moments especially the betrayal part,this was one great laugh out loud two part Megaman X parody,excellent job.

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More than Very funny or Awesome!

IS good the part when Signas "did not said" ( lol ) its weak point and the pink reploid ( i forgot her name ) hide it in a "very secret place"

ive seen other of your vids ( i HAVE to say ALL of em look crappy but is another matter of laughing )

you have won my respect

------------------an unknown supah Mega-Freak ....X...-----------------------------

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Im Scared

Ive never played this game and because of this movie i dont intend to
anyway funny movie

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3.66 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2005
5:58 PM EDT
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