Habanero Tale: Past life

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After a month of frame by frames, legal hold, and tnt_ink getting of his lazy ass to acually make some backrounds, we finished. And we are very happy! It took three people to make this flash work, the head of ScreamingAlpha.com, Ian, whom we all know very well as DeathCab (D.C.), worked on the animation and story line, Philip, A.K.A. TheRoadKillKing/Pflop, worked on our fightscenes and contributed to the creation of Fernando, and finnaly Mark, head of the drawing department of ScreamingAlpha.com called TNT_Ink, contributed to a littlebit of the character drawings and the backrounds. All this work finnaly paid off, and we are happy to introduce to you A Habanero Tale: Past Life.

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it has a very good storyline but not so great graphics i just got finished watching ur flash tutorial 2 thingie and it made me laugh my ass off but seeeing that and then this i know that u could have made it much better maybe u should redo the graphics bc it has a good storyline

TacoRemix responds:

The habaƱero tale series is put on hold for now, this cartoon was produced in our early stages of flash making, for more information go check on our site for production dates and a list of all our cartoons.

I cant believe that people would vote high

It wasnt at all good, Hardly any movement... And when there was. all they did is do a "paper turn" that was awful... I cant believe it got a higher score.... seriosly, NO SOUND FX.... Hardly any movement, the concept didnt make any sense.... And the song was bad....backround was poorly drawn... But otherwise nice try, At least there was effort... Blood wasnt that great Either

What a piece of crap!

Animation was horrible, drawings were barely passable... and did you say you needed three people to make this?!

I find it especially hard to believe you needed a seperate person to do the backgrounds. I could have drawn those when I was four.

Story was boring, fight scenes were badly animated and directed.


TacoRemix responds:

i only see one submission by you, a stickfigure, with no backrounds, your animation was good, but i want to see you do a better backround, if you claim you can do better when you were four, make your next flash a good one, and i'll show you some respect.


The animation was horrible. There was no actual plot. The fight scenes made me laugh. The part where the ninja girl pulled out the guys heart and the guy just stuck it back inside was very lame. When they turn around you just flip the pictures. The music did not fit in well with the film either.

TacoRemix responds:

hoorah i made it laugh!


Didn't like the Emoish music....

Aside from that, it was ok.

TacoRemix responds:

i hate emos too, let's kill some

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3.47 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2005
5:55 PM EDT
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