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Hunt down and destroy evil cyborgs. Midnight Strike is great run and gun blast the baddies fun with numerous powerups and incredible action. Can you beat all 20 levels?

left/right key: move
up key: jump (press twice to double jump)
down key: crouch
ctrl key: shoot
1 - 5 keys: select weapon (when available)

We suggest atleast a 1ghz+ computer. If the game runs slow try using flash low quality setting and also close out any other web browser windows showing flash advertisements.

Anyone who wishes to run this game on thier own website is welcome. Please see here for more details.


Please note, we developed this game in partnership with Neodelight (our design/sound/money, their programming/art). Hope you all enjoy it!

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Good action game, surprisingly long for for an online game, but there should be a save feature. I downloaded the game and there still was no option to save progress. The game is rather long to finish in one sitting which is good, but lack of save feature forces player to find a window with lot of time to finish this.

The enemies are fun and challenging, diffuculty progression from first to last levels is fluent, but the bosses are somewhat dissapointing not intresting enough and too easy.

Also I could not find any actual difference between difficulty levels, damage taken, enemy density and toughness, ammo - all seemed the same.

This was a very impressive game. I think it's mostly because it takes on the role of a standard platformer/shooter. Dang, I'm rusty at my skill on games like these. I could barely get past the second level. That is to say, I didn't get past it at all. The main character looks like Guile.

The graphics seem to have stood the test of time. I don't understand what the purpose is of those boxes that you shoot over and over and they never break. It would drive me nuts to try to figure out how to break them. I just have better things to do in this game.

Well, It's nice...

I've played it before, in 2005 or 2004, but in a different site. So I don't know if it's yours or not. Anyways, this game is really nice; the graphics are aging, though, but It's quite good-looking. The music fits the game a little but you have only one life and each time dying, starting over and over from the same spot. Maybe some more options in the game would do fine.


This game is good but it would be better if it had a saving button instead of starting over again from the beginning.. = /


its ok

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2005
1:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun