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Where do clams come from

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A true story

Upd.: I'm sorry I can't answer to all your reviews - it's still hard for me to speak english. I'd like to thank you all for your support and your favourable reviews. I know the story is rather strange and I'm happy to see that many people have undrestood and even liked it.

Please read the following AFTER watching the movie. I prefer to keep the comment short and let the cartoon speak for itself. But I've encountered several frequently asked questions in the reviews, so I'll try to answer to them all.

1. Yes, she's a dryad. She feels pain when the tree is hurt
2. No, the guy didn't see her.
3. Yes, she liked the guy at first.
4. No, I don't take drugs. Must be something in the water...

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thx for letting me know

wow i called it the cursed of the wicked tree

This reminded me of "FernGully: The Last Rainforest". You know, with the whole carving into the tree and her getting mad about it. It was weird how this got dark so fast. I mean, this guy just needed warmth! Well, maybe being a clam isn't that bad. This wasn't that crazy.

You don't need to say you don't take drugs. People here don't even need them. I really liked the music. The animation was cartoonish but it really did tell a story. It was quite fascinating.

I really enjoyed your short story. I dont really have advise for how you did you animations, because it was well done and was obviously made to look like this. But as I had my own real true story about a tree that I had when I was 7. A truly strong soul with in it, made me think the tree was one of those dragon trees or, nymph spirit, dryad, or just a powerful Forrest spirit. You see it was a Mimosa tree. Sometimes reefer to as a shy tree. It was big 30 - 40 year old tree. very strong and healthy. I would talk to the tree. As crazy as it sounds. I would receive answers. All thou you could say I gave myself my own answer, really thinking hard about it. But I didnt think the way the answers came to me. After having such a strong influence I thought differently. (No I didnt do drags, it was just having the tree their) One of the strongest conversations we had was when I buried myself under the tree. (no not like covered with dirt more like surrounded by dirt. The reason why it was under the tree, was to use the roots too not let the dirt cave in) It was a old trick to spiritually awaken. It worked. I felt great afterwards. And I know it was thanks to the tree helping me. You see I couldnt do it by my own vibration. I needed to match the trees vibration to do it. Then that made me think of Buddha under the tree. HE matched the trees vibration, Founded something deeper. The earth. The universe. Before too long he realized that he could vibrationally match everything. He found god. And the small piece he was to HIM. You see the sensitive tree I had growing up, didnt care if cut through its roots. It only grow brighter and stronger deep purple too new branches. It didnt even care if I ripped off branches. It just cared. And that made me care in return. I liked too see it healthy and in one piece. Which I also want that for myself. I grow up calling this tree my luck tree. Because I was lucky too have it.

that was super ... loved it from start to finish. two thumbs up

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4.41 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2005
7:26 AM EDT
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