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SS Time Trials 13

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Hello Newgroundites!

Today we present to you the 13th edition of the Star Syndicate Time Trials.

Witness Zekey Spacey Lizard's acts of pwnage and marvel at penisstar's spectacular spectacle.


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MJ's B&W song as teh title music, eh?

Interesting choice there... heh. #;-}>

Zekey: Greatness, as usual. And, as usual, the reason I'm reviewing a wacky SS, Academy, Chrome-, etc. etc. time trial/collab/collection in the first place.

FabricatedLunacy: what an excellent tap dancey song. LOOPY GOODNESS.

TwoStar: <insertmoviehere> is truly the best movie I've ever seen from you.

penisstar: BEST STICK FIGURE PENIS EVER. So much like a Group X "Bang Bang Bang" flash but without the Arab stereotyping.

NegativeOneStar: I always like seeing teh sketchy stuff drawn out via teh magic of teh frames passing before our eyes. It was a little short, but enjoyable.

Well done, all. So very well done!


Now I have to admit, myself being on two flashes, although they are flashes made by people from Star Syndicate, I still find it good. I mean, the flashing lights with the 20th century music? Heh, I guess it takes time for me to find the right humour there. ;) Nice again TwoStar.

Vote 5 for SS TIME TRIALS !

Hell yeah bring them on , they keep on getting funnier all the time just wish i was on that 20th century skit (hint hint) lol...
Bring on the salad fingers collection or even SPONGE BOB..
bring more of the funny...
oh and the Michael Jackson part was hillarious

michael jackson....hehehe

pretty good! loved the michael jackson part! make more!


Well i didn't think it was bad at all. Good work.

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