NotLB part 1

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Night of the living blammed Part 1

Will there be a part two? Well, look at it this way... I made this back in 2003 and I'm still no artist XD

It's still a fun concept however and I play around with the though of continuing it (perhaps as a game) every so often.

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Not too bad

While obviously it was short, I will at least say I liked what I saw. I'm going to admit that blams rising from the dead and attacking people is a really cool idea, and I thinik this could go over really well if you added some more elements. While it was cheesy, the guy's voice was really funny. I hope you do continue it, if as nothing more than a game.


Hey if we didint blam things then newgrounds would be full of crap, even though some good stuff gets miss judged newgrounds wouldent be popular without blaming all the bad stuff.

wow... we should stop blamming things...

hey, where is number 2!!! COOOME OOOOON >_<!

It was actually kinda freaky to see that hand pop up like that... I don't know why... something to do with the shading.

pretty sweet...

...that was a bad cutt-off point though, the music was cool at the beginning, Hollow Bastion Kingdom Hearts song, whitch is why I gave you a good music grade.

P.S. I cant wait to see #2, try to keep up the good work


not the best graphics but not bad nonetheless - and you used my song in your submission - so you get a gold star from me - keep up the good work - and finish it damnit!

I suppose I should tell MYSELF to finish my own flash - hehe dont practice what I preach.. ^^;;

neways keep on rocking!


Arby responds:

I must agree that the graphics arn't the best but i'm working on them and the 2nd will be drawn much more carefully.

Good luck on your own flash. Don't rush it like i did. I'm regreting making it too short already.

Make more music too so i can use it =)

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2005
7:42 PM EDT
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