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Noto Does the Movies

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OK. So this is what happens when you start a movie, add a little bit of laziness..a hint of creativity...alot more laziness and some humour...and waaayyy too much time.

I started it a long time ago and then got a new computer so I decided to finish it, but I didn't want it to be about Matrix anymore so I switched it to Star Wars...and 30 seconds after that I realized that that wasn't funny...So I took a different road.

All in all it's complete random nonsense and I love it. Hope you will too.

Just watch the whole thing cause it changes alot.

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Lol. Great movie, the ending was funny. xD

Credits were ftw

"So.. You won this round, chocolate cake. >.< You won this round..."

10/10 5/5


LOl that was the best thing ever, I loved it....Lol, "Are you O.K?"
"Yes, it may look like taht at your end, but..."
Lol that was really good.


wow heheh! how'd the animator get there! hehehe! the star wars section was the best part (duh! cuz the first part was full of random ideas!) and the animator's real cool! LOL

A 10!!!! gratz!! lets celebrate!!
P.S. wow great one!!!


lol shooting up heroin. No wonder it takes you ages to come out with a new flash animation XD. Joking lol


THE man at the end didn't had any nipples lol ;P