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Just the trailer. It's actually finished. So. Review away. ^^ All critisism is apreciated. Good or bad. Just...If it's bad. Say WHY, and how to improve. Thanks. ^^



A teaser type movie. The music was good. The style of the movie is interesting... i've never seen many flash movies like this one before. black and white and animated well. It's a start, nice work.


Wow...Like Kevin said trailers for the most part are an all time low. Some though are very good. Yours well...yours just sucked total ass. There was nothing in that minute and a half that made me want to watch what you have to offer. Infact watching that made me very weary of your next flash. So this is to you and all other flash animators DO NOT make a trailer unless you are sure that it is top quality and that it will draw attention (Unlike this piece of shit taht should be blammed) but I did like the music I must tell you that

trailers suck

Trailers are pretty lame for any flash animation. They are always the same formula. Usually just some animation that's music is the only thing that drives it to the end. You should have just done your best and gotten to work on a real animation, because you're really just wasting time with this.

KraZeDWolF responds:

Again, like I said to the whiny dude before. It's a trailer. I intend on doing something with it. I simply had to break it there for now. Thought maybe, should see what the viewers thought.

what gives?

It started out polished and was looking very well made , the opening trailer finishes and then ...... shit! Well if you ever make a flash as good as your intro it will be a great flash.

KraZeDWolF responds:

Gah, thanks, I'll try to continue along the siloutte style. Thanks alot!


This movie is the second time it has been on newgrounds. i have seen it like a month ago or somthing. DON'T DO THIS AGAIN!

KraZeDWolF responds:

Yeah it was. hense why I improved, and resubmitted. ;)

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2.18 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2005
4:30 PM EDT
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