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Remembering Shin2k27

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Author Comments

My friend -NES- has been bugging me to upload this as is.

And since i could'nt get any more matteral from my other animator friends.

I'll just showcase what is done so far.

I might come back and finish this but for now enjoy it for what it is and not for what you expect.

I'd also like to thank X_Destiny and Drchocobo.

X_Destiny for comming up with the idea and Dr chocobo for action script help.


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pretty funny

It made me laugh a little bit. Good job

This is gettin pretty old.

Your brining a private matter to a public issue. Theres two sides to a story ya know and i happen to know both so yall need to put this foolishness behind you and grow up. Make a good flash for once. I aint takin no sides but both sides are pretty messed up so all i have to say is just grow up.

REGARDLESS OF THAT. the avoiding the fact game was really funny as hell. Especially since you used his picture an dcopied his intro.



You guys did a great job dissing that crybaby. And that game was sooo addicting! The rest was just pure genius. And I hope you guys will complete it!

Hahaha friggin' awesome

hey Shin2k27, have a cup of STFU with a double dose of n00b with it!

Yeah this collab is awesome and looks like it's going to be even more awesome when it's finished.
The game was surprisingly addictive and fun. I can dodge the facts for a pretty long time with Shin2k27...
The second one was a truly hilarious parody of anime and Shink2k27. "Hentai is an art form!" LMAO truly genious. The voice acting was superb.
The third one was also awesome and took some really nice jabs at Shin. "They mass voted my drama queen award" hahah... more proof that he is in fact a drama queen.

Can't wait for more. I also can't wait until this thing is ready to show Shin ;)

Mightydein responds:

Thank you very much for that oh so awesome review.

Shin's reaction to this collab is gonna be very entertaining.

Bring the kids.


3 masterpieces rolled into one

That was amazing! How could you make something so crazy, yet so true? Allow me to comment on each section:

ZeroStar: "Avoid the facts" game - A nice play on words, and a fun game too! 10/10

-NES-: Quite possibly the best work in here. Voice acting and in-jokes were awesome. 10/10

Jetninjin: Another hilarious one, almost as good as -NES-'s piece. A well deserved 10/10 goes to you.

All in all this was an inspired flash, something seldom seen on the portal nowadays. It's on my favorites list! I fifened it, and nice work lol! :D

Mightydein responds:

I'm very happy that you were entertained by my little collaboration.

I still think the collection needed more matteral and i still never made my scenes yet but i'll get back to it later.

Anyway, thanks for the review and keep on rocking in the free world.