TOC: Idiots with guns

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oh, people, please dont say it sucked without making any movies yourself. Thats just sad
this is an old episode of TOC that was screwed up by my mac, was gonna put in subtitles and make an ending and stuff but whatever, I like it and its funny. Yea this was done with a bad mic. Well tough luck, 4-5 minutes long. Lots of animation. Please don't hate me because I make fun of george bush and hitler

"Why are you hopping?!?"
"because, we don't have legs"
"oh...continue hopping!!!"



this is just funny lol

ah oy oy...lol

i alwasy say that when some1 gets zinged...man that was funny...how many peoplewould kill hitler slowly and painifully? i mean the bastard deserved it...know what i would do? grab n tie him up....throw in a mustard gas up in there...make his skin start burning....emptry metal lead free bullets into him (rember we dont want to kill him yet...)in all his legs hands and hell fingers...then...

i dont hate u for dissin hitler

that bastard deseved it but bush god get a life i mean all he did was retaliate for when ta bunch of assholes attacked the twin towers all u liberal fuck heads can go i dont know get a job and quit comiting acts of treason and stupidity on a regular basis while using your rights to diss the very ones who protect them bush rocks

well hard one to rate

first the bad points the animation and sounds and grfix were poor but the message was easy to get so thats nice to symplifie the horible war in irak that was the point of the movie right? anyways for all u pro war basterds out there think of the poor GI who were trapped and minipulated by the media " o yea i going to kill ousama yay!!" the words of a 18 year old that just left for irak and is now probabley dead this is a sad world make a serious flash on the horrors of war espeaciley this stupid one ordered by the almighty dictater bush nice job overall


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it was superb. wtf "subperb" what the fuck am i saying? it was good keep it up. definatly worthy of front page!

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2.56 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2005
11:44 PM EDT
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