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StarWarsAFP: Part 1 Act 2

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Author Comments

First Of All If You Haven’t Seen Act 1 Yet Go Here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/240476

Ok Have You Watched It Yet? Good, Now Continue :)

Act 2

Due to the file size I’ve had to split this into 2 acts and if you’ve already seen act 1 then you will already know. If you haven’t seen it yet GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Music By

John Williams
Punk Covers
Bruce Falconer
Benny Hill

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aww i cant go bar cuz i irish


Luke im pregnant with your kids & im your sister!

amazingly magnifiecent!

This is totally awesome! I'm trying to start my own but I don't know how to submit. hehehehehehe.

Much more improved.

First of all George Lucas' character personality was hilarous and the way he was acting,as for everyone else it was great to see a variety of characters this time and all of their designs we're quite impressive plus everything else that was animated it was much more improved than the first one,overall this episode was much more funnier and better overall then the last epsiode so keep up the great work.

Happy Bunnies In Rainbow Land

ANNOUNCER: So the bunnies are happy in rainbow land until one of the bunnies gets Myxomatosis. Will he survive? No, no he won't.