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Zelda's PRIDE force

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EDIT 2: Woo. 100K views and on the frontpage. What more could a girl ask for. Mentor also got himself an NG account so I added him in the authors list. He's "Zente".

EDIT: Forgot to do this. Thanks to Fusion Warrior for the title idea. And the red head is Malon to those who're wondering.

This is just a joke, so hopefully no one will take offense.

This is based on an OLD concept. Very old. Well, maybe just about 6-8 months old. I was too embarassed to throw my idea out to anyone. But then I told Mentor about it. He enjoyed it and agreed to voice Link for me. Which was good cuz everyone hated my Link. XD I still get a chance to voice him in the movie. Anyway, this took me 2 months to do, with alot of... patience? And... drugs. Lotsa drugs.

No I'm kidding. I wasn't high while doing this. Mentor wasn't either. At least he's pretty sure he wasn't.

Just watch the shit, okay?

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man, i'm not drunk enough for this shit... (few vodka-martini later) now i am, still not funny though... also we all know Link's true love is Malon/Marin... as zelda will never give him anything besides her thanks.

This takes me back. I saw this the year it came it out soooo...I was in maybe fourth grade by then? God I'm getting old! XD

I loved this! You think 100K views was impressive? Now it has over a million! The animation was so good. Everything was just so cute. With something this romantic, it makes sense.

I didn't know Link would talk at first. Everything was just paced so well. Dang, is Mario short. Don't worry, the "Shadow The Hedgehog" game was bad. There's always good news for Mario.

That was pretty funny.
Also, pretty good quiality for hte time it was made.

Zelda likes little girls