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Made it quite fast. I wanted to make a simple and addictive game and i remembered an old game&watch ( and i also played it on my ooollldddd 286 AT ) and I decided to make a remake...and here it is!! hope u like it.


very nice

But not as original as U might think it to be. unfortunately for U, a game similar to this is hanging on ebaumsworld. search for a while, its there, but more as a bomb catching game. But otherwise, my only complaint is that U didnt adjust for trajectory when I came at the babys from different angles/at different speeds. Not that I can blame U, I probably couldnt figure that out. keep up the good work. 4/5.

way cool

This is an excellent idea for a game. I get to be two firemen trying to save some babies from a building fire. Great concept. Great controling and awesome graphics. Very nice stuff.

Pretty good, but did ya have to use babies?

This is basically an upgrade from the old game 'Fire' from the 'Game&Watch', but thay still had a massive hit with black blocks, not babies, so maybe you should tone it down a little.

Still, it is a bit funny though. ;)

A little wrong but oh so funny

Am I the only one who was trying to "rescue" the TV's

ok but not funny

i thought it was a good game but since i just got a baby brother i kind felt bad seeing babies die by getting crash into cement. But otherwise i thought it was good.

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3.52 / 5.00

May 27, 2005
2:44 PM EDT
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