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Update: Just updated the game so it'll run better now.

I've noticed that the high score list for Time Attack mode doesn't work. I apologize for this, since Flash doesn't allow any scores to be sent outside of my website. I apologize for the inconvienence. If you'd like to play a version where you can get a high score, go to www.covertjamboree.com/f
orum It's under the flash section.

I've gotten some feedback from several people saying there are glitches and some things are too slow. To make things go smoother i suggest turning the quality down. This game isn't necessarily internet friendly, with the streaming and all. To get the full experience of Zap em, i highly suggest you download it from

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

What started as a week long project elevated to several weeks. I put a lot of work into this, so enjoy it!

To see the most recent high score list head on over to www.covertjamboree.com/f
orum and take a look in the Flash section. Thanks in advance!

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Pretty fun, actually.

This game i s a bit difficult at first, but it grows on you Overall it's a great game.


Graphics - 7 / 10

Good graphics, with a little bit more work [ Just a little bit ] I could have easily given you a 10.

Where to improve

Laser detail - Menu - The thing you have to zap


Style - 9 / 10

Awesome creativity, unless I'm mistaken, full points for originality, awesome gameplay.

Where to improve

When the enemies dies, try using either a different code, or if you were animating them, use code.

Sound - 10 / 10

You are very lucky. You chose my favourite games music for the menu. I sat there for a long time. :D

No need to improve

Violence - 1 / 10

No violence needed anyway. You still could have made them like made split in hlaf or something.. exploded maybe. :D

No need to improve

Interactivity - 10 / 10

You were lucky again, but that's only because I'm more of a mouse guy.

Where to improve

Add the ability to chose between Mouse or Keyboard - If you had the ability to chose, make sure that you would be able to set which keys switch and with keys move the.. zapper things.

Humor - 2 / 10

I just found little this and that things funny. No humor needed though.

No need to improve

Scripting - 7 / 10

Could use a bit of improving. Maybe code for the rotation of the enemies, unless that was used already, try to use as little animation as possible!! It lowers lag INTENSLY

Where to improve

Try different techniques like curveTo and lineTo and moveTo [ In other words API ] to create and bend the beam according to how the zappers move.

Overall - 8 / 10

All around good game. Good job. :D



What is that music when you play the game, I thought it was from DDR, but is it, if it is, I like it, i need that song on my Bearshare,
But anyway, nice game :)

Freaking Sweet

This game is awesome! and one question what is that music at the menu it's cool!

Wee! Random Zappage!

Nice game! Great graphics.. wonderful execution.. responsive controls... good music.. well done!

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

May 26, 2005
5:32 PM EDT
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