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SS Time Trials 7

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Today us swell people from the Star Syndicate present to you SS Time Trials 7.

We have been working hard to bring this to yo, so please enjoy the movie :)

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Fix yout flash.

You need do fix your portal.

Excellent collaboration

HappyLeetGhost - That was some funny shit, quite literally. ;) 9/10
Chrome- - That makes a good music video for Piclownjew, lol. 8/10
TwoStar - Some amusing anime stuff. 8/10
FabricatedLunacy - Lol @ Bush. 9/10
HappyLeetGhost - That was hilarious, and kinda moving. :) 10/10

This flash is a 1337 piece of work! 5/5, and keep em coming SS! :D


hawt shiznit yo


j00bie, nice graphics and some sad music fitting together... but then seizure stuff is not all that great...

Chrome-, that is nuts... seizure looking... you made that song go really fast which isn't hard to do.

TwoStar-, this is like the same thing that is at the end of j00bie's movie.

FabricatedLunacy, seizure looking... some random guy just jumping off the screen to the song "whatever"...

HappyLeetGho, good music... I see it's a bunch of newgrounds screenshots. "fix yout flash" that's funny.

overall... too many seizure stuff.

wasnt funny

very dumb EXCEPT FOR ONE whoever made the fix do yout portal thing.. that was creative and funny.

The rest of you should be ashamed. dumb shit like that gets blammed.