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CastleVania: TFB Final

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With more bosses and better playability!

CastleVania: The Final Battle, is an enhanced CastleVania emulated using Flash. This is the full version(It Even got an Ending!).
This game has only you aginst Dracula's first form. It may be hard and sometimes unfair(Bugs!), know that if Dracula Appears on you, you will gain MASSIVE Damage!
-This is the FINAL version, I wont make any more of this, since people seem to get tired of it.

Move = Arrows
hit = z
jump = x

Do you think this is TOO damn hard and frustrating? - Check out my other creation: CastleVania TFB Final +.


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Really nice

So first off cant go wrong here dracula was hard but love the music here and also like how this reminded me of castlevania themed so really nice work here

I loved the graphics, and the music, felt very much like CastleVania, but man, it was unfair generally.

The fact that Dracula could spawn on top of you was what really made this bad, in fact, it's not so much that he could, it's just that you had no way of telling when. Besides that the ideal fighting mechanics would've worked out. (still very hard to hit the man without trading hits)

So there were two main bugs, if you held down attack, you'd infinitely hit with nothing, until you were damaged. The other one was you could get suspended in air until you jumped again, making you impervious to damage. Combining these two creates a soft lock.

So what can I say, you made a true NES replica, unfair buggy, but still kinda fun.

this is so bad why does Dracula NEVER DIE

this makes castlevania 2 look like a godsend

Terrible, I kept hitting him soooooo many times and yet not even a dent in his health bar. Dracula also spawns right on you and then most of your health is gone in an instant. I'd rather not waste my time on something so frustrating.