The Hero Twins

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Adapted from the (K'iche)Mayan Myth, the story of two boys Hunahpu and Xbalanque who defeat the Lords of Death, the Gods of the underworld, One and Seven Death.
ps-I hope the music is at least tolerable :-p

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Pretty good for what it was...

I could see how some would find this boring, but if you're interested in Mayan culture, it's actually QUITE entertaining. I enjoyed the whole heroes versus the Gods of Death scenario, very whimsical. I'm not sure how you could've done this better, though. Perhaps make the animation a little more... animated. Other than that, the narration was good-- voiced narration could've only hurt. The song was good until the woman with the annoying voice started to sing. Very crappy. All in all it was just what I said it was... good for what it is. If I sat all the way through it, it must've been pretty interesting. Good job!


I didnt really like it, I found it really boring.
I dont care if people say it was cool or not, i didnt like it and thats why I am dark aura.

I loved It

I'm a descendant from the Aztecas. It cool to see movies like this.

music = poo

thats all i didnt like about this film.. the music sucked. did you make it yourself?

a little too long

hmmm... it is quite boring... but the storyline is okay

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3.71 / 5.00

May 24, 2005
8:29 PM EDT