Stealth 2: The Mechanic

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Level 2 of Stealth. I put more sfx and some of the same music. I hope you like it.


Fun shooter

Alright that was kind of a fun shooter game you have here works pretty basic, but the "GRAPHICS" need some upgrades like the characters need more of a refined character look, and you could use a better "CROSS-HAIR aswell. anyways nice little game you have here."

the characters need more of a refined character look, and you could use a better "CROSS-HAIR" aswell.


Yet another FPS

A game like many others... from this point, i will review only old games with a score of at least 3, or almost. Since two is merely sufficient, and I've got an idea of the standard 2000 games, I think that now I will concentrate only on good titles.

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it was alright, but there were some bugs, for example, you could only shoot people in certain parts of their body, the movement of the enemies was unrealistic as well as none of it was animated as far as legmovement for running, it was just still people sliding around the screen which looked pretty cheesy, the actual gameplay was kind of fun though.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I guess the sound effects and music weren't bad. I you won't find buff, half-naked steel workers in any other game either. :s

^^Needs Improving^^
Just like the first episode, the boss is incredibly hard to beat. I had to cheat using the tab button to beat him, and after that the game was over. Should have definitely made this longer. Also, you would think you would get better at making these after you made a few, but this is worse than the first. The detection is awful and hitting enemies is very awkward.

a piece of shit

if you ever wanted to shoot gay steel workers with no shirt on and a bowl cut this is your game, if you have any decency you won't play this piece of shit

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1.92 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2000
3:48 PM EDT
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