Kitty and Smoo

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I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, my fans...and you have all probably deserted me anyway... Critter killer in a couple of weeks!

I tried to improve this using the comments everyone gave me for the other 9 or so films.

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I'll give 3 for animation...but the rest kind of made me bored. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Erm.. ok

Never seen tihs b4 and im sorry to say i wont want to agen...
I was expecting something really gd after the grenade went to tht blu blob thing but...
Way to slow im afraid needs a bit more action to it.

Boojamon responds:

Fair enough!

not bad one

that was an alright animation, pretty nice graphics in this one and it was cool to watch. the only thing i didn't like is that it was so short... i think that this could've been better.. maybe even could've won an award if this was longer.

Boojamon responds:

I think the problem with my stuff is that it's always too short. Mayhaps I should focus on a much longer, more resoloute piece.

I liked it

The first thing I appreciated about this flash was the backwards loader. It boggles your brain and brings attention to the viewer, so a job well done there. And when I start the movie, you have a really effective menu that's simple and user friendly. Nice use of background music there.

I liked the flash a lot. It's a different style to what I have seen by you so far. I know you have received a few comments, but maybe you should try straight lines instead of sketch lines or something. It might work off better, but your work is your own.

I also liked your slight 3D use, that meaning when 'kitten' turned his head to face the grenade. An nice ending added on, making it an overall effective and well presented flash.

Good luck for your future work. If you're wondering why I give lower scores than normal, it's because I am a harsher reviewer. Thought I'd say that as I'm reviewing your flash.


i really like this its sooo cute!! ^__^

Boojamon responds:

Well if that don't put the shine in mah day :D


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3.34 / 5.00

May 24, 2005
12:38 PM EDT
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