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Daily Lives 4

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-Edit- Wow, so that is what my grammar was like back when I was 15. This animation is part of some of my earlier work when I was just starting out. I had no real art or animation experience and sort of just dived into the program Macromedia Flash MX. Although my skills now are worlds beyond the way they were then, I will always appreciate where it all got started for me. I hope that this is inspiration to any new animators starting out.

This is an oldy with sum pretty sick humor so ah good luck hope you like it. You gonna have to go to my site if you want to watch other ones but they are pretty bad.


Well this sucked...

Wtf was this! Had no plot or storyline. All it was was some guys talking? One word for this - Boring.


Haha it was shit and your fag.

hrechkaness responds:

Flash by Emulous-
- none -

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but i dont think ill take this one to heart due to a couple reasons. But if your a friend of guilty_gear then fuck you too buddy

hahaha that was pretty funny

Some parts were unecessary but oh well thats what could have made it more halarious. The asian eating bird just made my day. I LOVE BOP IT that was the perfect intro. I could go on forever about how genious this is but id like to bash that fucking loser Guilty_Gear some more. I've now read the whole argument through the whole thing and i just have to say wow. Hrechkaness you absolutly owned him. The only thing he said was a repeat of what you said just in different wording and he dares to call you "unorginal". I've said it many times and im going to say it again. Guilty_Gear you need to get a fucking life because you sure as hell are very poor at insulting people.

Hrechkaness im glad your were the bigger man about all of this and apoligized but i honestly think you joking on that behalf and are actually just playing mind games with him. But i guess his simple mind is just too stupid to figure that out.

Anyways im just babbling on that was some pretty funny stuff

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hrechkaness responds:

Im glad you like my work. Just ignore Guilty_Gear he is just some nerd who got offended when i made fun of his boner buddy friend david firth for being a talentedless freak with a twisted mind. Anyways thx for the reviews

What the fuck is a Hrechkaness?

Ah, time for the last review I can write until another shitty movie comes about.

What would you know about talking smack when the only insult you truly did was about my "Reponce" error? I don't make movies because I know I can't do flash work, I'm not like you and make shitty movies just because I can. And like I said before, you having the last word doesn't mean much, you proved that with your last response. You didn't make one insult in the last one. All you go on about is me supposedly being a kiss up. If that's what you call insults, you have a long way to go.

If you didn't care what I thought about your shitty work, why bother to respond? Have to have the last word to try be a bad ass? Oh well, it doesn’t matter what you respond with next because I won't be able to say anything, not like it would matter then either considering your version of a comeback is very, very weak.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now, sorry if it wasn't 'enough' for your 'great' knowledge of comebacks. Looking forward to your 'fantastic' -Rolls eyes- comeback.

hrechkaness responds:


Its Like A Not So Good Bonus Stage...

I liked the time spent on lip-sync....pity the guys have no teeth, but hey, a minor thing. Generally it was all ok, but to make it good i suggest tinkering with the graphics a bit, and working on some object movement, although i did like the stone throwing.

hrechkaness responds:

yeah the funny thing about that is i started this flash last summer and didn't finish it til the other day just cause i didn't feel like it. That one part is what i did not too long ago funny how you noticed it

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4.03 / 5.00

May 22, 2005
10:02 PM EDT
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