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Star Wars Transitions

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Lucas discovers the dark side of editing. Why oh why does Lucas like transition effects? Did anyone else think Episode 3 was loaded with them?! Short cartoon!

Thank you Newgrounds for the frontpage!

Transitions take place between two shots. Usually it is just a cut, but Lucas likes to use wipes (from all directions), circles, a 6-box transition, and more.

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Understandably funny

I wish you would have shown the actual final cut. You know, of the movie. This was the last time George Lucas directed one of the "Star Wars" movies. He only directed the original in the first trilogy. I appreciate the animation. It really is a distinct style.

Please change your avatar. Anyway, this was a bit too short. That Wilhelm scream seemed off. I think you changed the pitch for it. Lucas' voice was nice. The animation was a little like tlgmedia.

This movie is brilliant. I remember seeing it years ago and loving it. I still do. Its a timeless classic.

It was like he used Windows Movie Maker! this was hilarious!


watched this b4 i could even make a flash, now i watched it again & i still LOLed! XD